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Our Services

Pearl City Nursing Home believes in creating a positive environment for residents to thrive.

Family members are kept up-to-date on the status of their loved one, with routine conferences held to ensure families are kept informed of the services provided.  Your involvement and feedback in the ongoing care of your family member is always welcome.

The opinions of the residents help shape the programs at Pearl City Nursing Home.  A Resident Council brings residents together to share their input on how to make their stay at Pearl City Nursing Home a more positive experience.

Our services include a holistic approach with attention to the person’s likes and dislikes, social interests, family support, and health history.  The personal information sets the foundation to establish a care plan for our health team.

Through the guidance of the resident’s personal physician, the nursing and therapy staff carries out the treatments to address and improve the individual’s medical and physical conditions.  Pearl City Nursing Home provides a special unit for residents who require ventilator and tracheotomy care.  Our team of Respiratory Therapists and specially trained nursing staff has been able to treat residents requiring this delicate condition.  The goal is to stabilize their breathing challenges and achieve the ability to breathe either with less mechanical support or eventually on their own.

Our Social Workers are your advocates to address your concerns; explore options and resources from admission to discharge.

Activities nurture the physical, cognitive, social and spiritual well being of all residents, whether in a group or one to one environment.  The goal is to stimulate the mind, body, and soul to support the healing process.

We also put tremendous thought into the food we prepare.  Serving favorite island dishes while conforming to dietary requirements is a daily offering.  Families and visitors are also encouraged to share mealtime with the resident.